About HMI

HMI Die Spray and Automation

Experienced Solutions for the Hot Metal Working Industry

Let HMI’s experience in die spray and part handling help you solve your part quality, die life, repeatability and production rate issues.

The correct die spray can make a marginal or worn die last longer.

With over 40 years of experience, we’ve developed our spray systems to include:

  • Valves set up to work in the forging industry environment and supply millions of cycles and setup for quick removal if repair or replacement is required
  • HMI incorporates and air receiver to assure we have the air volume required to supply¬†consistent¬†and repeatable spray
  • HMI uses plastic, non-pressurized tanks with a low coefficient of friction to help prevent mixed lube build up on the walls of the mixed lube tank
  • HMI uses the proportioner water to wash down the walls of the mixed lube tank again preventing mixed lube build up on the walls of the mixed lube tank
  • HMI uses electric tank agitator to assure agitation 24/7
  • Positive piston shut-off
  • High density plastic designed to handle lubes with solids in suspension
  • Single or two tube nozzles
  • Ease of lube volume adjustment (without tools)
  • When spray is not in use the AWP system will pump the mixed lube from the lube lines back to the mixed lube tank (not in the press pit) and fill the system with water until the spray system is required again
  • Then by a push of a button the system will pump the water out and replace it with the mixed lube and is ready to spray the dies on the first cycle
  • The proportioner dilutes the concentrated lube by volume which means HMI can hold the dilution ratio to +/- 1%
  • The proportioner can change dilution ratio on the fly with only a short delay for processing
  • HMI develops a fine atomized spray with velocity to penetrate the thermo barrier. The results are cooling and coating the dies in less time using less lube. Which can result in faster cycle time, better die life, and better quality parts
  • HMI uses A-B or automation direct PLC’s
  • The operator interface is setup to be intuitive and user friendly