It is nice to hear from you and that you are still around.

I have some sad news about the Hydro Aluminum Adrian facility. Last March Norsk Hydro announced that it was closing the Adrian facility. Moving production to the Rockledge, FL and Renosa, Mexico facilities. On December 30, 2009 the lights will be out at the Adrian plant.

Some good news. When I bought the my last Lubramation Die Lube System from you over four years ago. You told me that the plastic nozzle bodies would last 1 million cycles. At the time I did not believe it, but now I have proof your product works that long. Actually longer — the four nozzles in this photo are the original four nozzles you sent me with the manifold over four years ago when I put the automated forging cell together. These have over 13,198,234 cycles on them with only o‐rings being replaced. I forging cell stopped production in the  Adrian facility on November 11, 2009. The cell has been shipped to the Hydro Aluminum Holland Michigan facility and will be up and running by December 18, 2009 on the same nozzles.

Mike ‐ you made a great product ‐ THANKS.

Ed Petee