Spray Nozzles

Spray Nozzle Family for Forging Applications by HMI

Nozzle Parts

HMI is proud to present its family of specially designed spray nozzles that are perfect for demanding applications throughout the forging industry. These nozzles completely atomize cooling water for maximum heat transfer efficiency and reliably spray most die lubes ( graphite suspension and synthetics in water ) for uniform die coating. They provide a wide range of media volumes and have infinitely adjustable turndown ratios. The smaller version nozzle is available in single or dual media configurations to optimize your application. If your forging process requires controlled volume of cooling water and/or graphite die lube for maximum die life across your product range, our nozzle family is sure to meet your needs. Call today for a free evaluation.

Nozzle PartsHMI’s Unique Spray Nozzle Features

  • Dual media from a single spray tip
  • Exceptional long life
  • Lube does not stick to the high density plastic
  • Positive piston shut-off….every time
  • Easy volume adjustment w/o tools