The HMI Die-Lube Spraygun

Nozzle partsHMI is proud to present its hand-held, die lube spraygun that has been designed specifically for the forging industry. This rugged yet lightweight unit will reliably atomize and spray most lubes (graphite suspension in water and synthetics in water) and compressed air, from a single handle, and in a variety of customized spray delivery configurations. To ensure your unit will last for many years, all high-wear items, such as valve seats and seals, are easily and quickly replaced with common hand tools. Call today and let us help you match the right spray configuration with your process.

HMI Die-Lube Spraygun Features:

  • Rugged aluminum construction
  • Designed for the forger and made for the forging environment
  • Air blow and lube dispense from a single handle ( 2 -Stage)
  • Serviceable wear parts
  • Atomized lube deposition
  • Customized spray delivery configurations

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