Single-Media Nozzle


Single-media, Manifold-mounted, Air Atomized Spray Nozzle

HMI ’ s 101-156 single-media spray nozzle will reliably spray most die lubes ( graphite suspension and synthetics in water ) from a spray tip and the media volume is infinitely adjustable. The specially designed, high density plastic nozzle body will provide dependable service for even the most demanding spray applications without lube build-up. HMI also recommends using our die lube proportioner system to ensure consistent mixed lube delivery and maximum system life. Call us today for a free evaluation.

Nozzle Capcity101-156 Single-media Spray Nozzle Features:

  • Exceptional long life
  • Lube does not stick to the high density plastic
  • Positive piston shut-off….every time
  • Easy volume adjustment w/o tools
  • Compatible with all existing 158 nozzles

Nozzle Capcity GPM

Nozzle Tables

*Rebuild kit includes:

  • ( 1 ) Gasket, Item 6
  • ( 1 ) O-Ring, Item 7
  • ( 2 ) O-Ring, Item 8
  • ( 1 ) O-Ring, Item 9